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U.S. employment visas for specialty occupations and advance degree professionals.

H1B Visas

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa available to foreign workers in specialty occupations or who have advanced or professional degrees.  There are a limited number of H1B visas available each year.  The filing period for employment beginning on October 1st of each year is April 1st.  Because there is such high demand for a limited number of visas the USCIS uses a lottery system to select applications for processing.  Typically, if your H1B application is not received by the USCIS on April 1st you will not have an opportunity to obtain one of the few H1B visas available.  The H1B process is a complicated process that requires specialized knowledge of U.S. immigration law and regulations as well as Department of Labor regulations.

H1B visas are commonly used for the following types of workers:

  • Medical professionals
  • Engineers
  • Computer scientists or programmers
  • Scientists and chemists
  • Data analysts
  • Legal professionals
  • Managers

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