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Generally speaking, citizenship is the legal status or relationship between an individual and a particular country or nation. The status of being a citizen of a particular country or nation carries with it both rights and responsibilities that are not afforded to or required of non-citizens. There are several theories behind the concept of citizenship including social contract theory which provides that individuals and governments into a consensual contractual relationship. Under this "social contract" the individuals and the government agree to a abide by common rules and take on corresponding duties for the mutual protection and benefit of all members of the nation or country.

Our Citizenship Services

We assist lawful permanent residents and other non-citizens obtain U.S. Citizenship in a variety of circumstances.

John Locke was one of the most famous social contract philosophers and his concept of the social contract was a foundation for the U.S. Declaration of Independence. While the theories which support or define the concept of citizenship varies widely from country to country citizenship in most countries fall into one of two categories: jus sanguinis ("right of blood") or jus soli ("right of soil.") A country that follows jus sanguinis policy of citizenship confers citizenship on individuals based on their ancestry or ethnicity. In contrast, a country that adheres to a jus soli policy of citizenship grants citizenship to all individuals who are born in the country regardless of ancestry or ethnicity. Citizenship policy in the United States is primarily based on the jus soli theory. However, U.S. citizenship policy also includes some hybrid components of other theories for conferring citizenship on individuals.

For example, U.S. citizenship theory also follows the concept of jure matrimonii which confers citizenship through marriage. The U.S. also allows confers citizenship on certain persons who are not born in the U.S. automatically at birth based on the U.S. citizenship of the individuals parents. Finally, the U.S. allows certain other non-citizens to obtain citizenship through a process known as naturalization.

Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

  • The Right to Vote
  • Issuance of United States Passport
  • The Right to Run for Public Office
  • Immigration Preference for Immediate Relatives

U.S. Citizenship Acquired at Birth

U.S. Citizenship by Derivation

Certificates of Citizenship

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Naturalization is the process whereby a lawful permanent resident (LPR) of the United States and some other qualifying individuals become citizens of the United States. Naturalization is not a requirement. In fact, an LPR may live and work in the United States indefinitely and is never required to become a U.S. Citizen.

We assist clients apply for and obtain U.S. Citizenship through the naturalization process.

Requirements for Citizenship Through Naturalization

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have been lawfully admitted to U.S. for permanent residence
  • Must have resided in U.S. for the 5 years immediately proceeding filing of the application. (The requirement is only 3 years for LPRs who obtained LPR status through marriage to a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must have been physically present in the U.S. for at least 30 months out of the previous 5 years
  • Must have resided in state of application for at least 3 months
  • Must have good moral character
  • Must show attachment to the principles of the Constitution
  • Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English
  • Must demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of U.S. history and government
  • Must take an oath of allegiance

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