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I-751 Processing Guide

Your Guide to the 1-751

Welcome to the I-751 Processing Guide. This is a free guide written by immigration attorney Philip C. Curtis with detailed step-by-step instructions for completing the I-751 process. You are welcome to view this guide online or download a free PDF copy of the Guide for your personal use. You may navigate this guide online by using the Table of Contents menu to the left or by simply following the links to the next section at the end of each page. Before you get started please read the following note from the author regarding use of this guide.

This Guide was written by a licensed and practicing immigration attorney. While this Guide is believed to be accurate it cannot address every issue that may arise in every case. It is not a substitute for legal advice. This Guide is reviewed at least annually but may contain inaccurate or out of date information. Please use this information at your own risk. If you are separated, divorced or in the process of a divorce from your U.S. Citizen petitioner spouse I strongly encourage you to retain a qualified immigration attorney to assist you with your I-751.

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