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Michigan Immigration Attorney

Uniting families.  Moving people for good. Immigration attorney Philip C. Curtis provides exceptional representation for all U.S. immigration matters.

People have been moving to resources and searching for places to live that offer a better life for their families since the beginning of time.  And in the modern era of the internet and international air travel families often find themselves separated by international boundaries that aren't always easy to cross.  If you are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident and need an U.S. immigrant visa for your family member contact us today.

Love transcends all boundaries.  In the past decade the number of international couples has sky-rocketed.  The internet and social media has brought people from around the world together.  If you've found love on the other side of the planet or just the other side of the border contact us and help us unite you with your fiancé.

The world is much smaller and we live in a global economy.  Mr. Curtis represents business and individuals seeking to obtain employment-based U.S. immigrant or non-immigrant visas.  Our services include applying for H1B, TN, O1, L and other visas.

Already a U.S. lawful permanent resident and want to apply for citizenship?  Learn more about the requirements and qualifications for U.S. citizenship and how we can help you become a citizen.

If you are potentially inadmissible to the United States because of a prior criminal conviction, unlawful entry, unlawful presence or other issue you may require a waiver before you can obtain a U.S.visa.  Find out how we can help you with your immigration waiver case.