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How to Fill in Blank Boxes on Form I-751 - Q&A

Originally published 11/08/2011.

User: I'm confused how to treat blank boxes on I-751. The instructions state the following: Answer all questions fully and accurately. Stage that an item is not applicable with "N/A." If the answer is none, write "None."

I don't have a middle name. Should I fill that box with None? Will that confuse them into thinking my middle name is actually None? Or should I fill it with N/A? Or should I leave it blank?

Similarly, for the mailing address (which is same as address), should I leave it blank or state Same as Above for street address and leave the other boxes blank?

Fox other names used, I don't have any, so should I state None (will they think my other name is None?), or N/A or leave blank?

Finally, since I'm preparing the form myself, should I leave the signature of person preparing form blank, or fill with N/A?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I know these may be silly questions, but I just want to make sure, I don't make a silly mistake!

Thanks very much!

Attorney Curtis: These aren't silly questions. At least you actually read the instructions--most people don't even bother to do that :) The instructions are not entirely clear but generally I enter "NONE" when the client does not have a middle name. For the mailing address, the form says "if different than above" so if it is the same just leave it blank. You could write "same as above" and it won't be a problem. For Part 3 Question 1 about other names you should enter "NONE" if you haven't used any other names. Since you prepare the form on your own you should leave Part 8 blank, since it says "Person preparing form, if other than above.

Jeff` Moriarty