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Adjustment of Status Processing Times

As with most immigrations cases, the first questions adjustment of status clients always ask is: "how long will it take?"

The processing time for an adjustment of status petition varies depending on what USCIS field office is handling the petition. You can find the current processing time for adjustment of status petitions for the USCIS field office near you here. Simply select the city closest to you from the "Field Office" drop down menu and click the "Processing Times" button. This will show you a list of petition types and a date. Look at the date for the I-485. This date indicates the receipt date of the petitions that field office is currently processing. Thus, if the date is August 1, 2008 and the date you look at the report is January 1, 2009 the current processing time is about 5 months.

However, for most adjustment of status applicants waiting for approval is not so difficult. This is because most applicants can apply for and obtain a Employment Authorization Document and travel document within 3 months. These documents allow the applicant to work and travel pending approval of the application for adjustment of status.

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