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The TN visa is a visa that was created under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and provides for temporary non-immigrant employment visas for Canadian and Mexican nationals. The TN visa is an exceptionally useful visa for Canadian and Mexican nationals because there is no annual numerical limitation on the number of TN visas that can be issued unlike other options like the H1B.

We have assisted Mexican and Canadian clients in a variety of industries to apply for and obtain TN visas.

Who Qualifies for a TN Visa?

Only nationals of Canada and Mexico may apply for a TN visa.

In order to qualify for a TN visa, the applicant must meet the definition of a TN professional. For a complete list of TN professionals please visit the U.S. Department of State website.

TN Visa Processing

Canadian nationals who qualify for TN status may apply at any U.S. border crossing and are not required to apply for the visa at the U.S. embassy. Although the process is less formal for Canadian TN applicants, it is important that prospective applicant's have a well-documented case as denials are routine.

Although the requirements are the same, Mexican nationals must apply for their TN visa at the U.S. embassy in Mexico. TN visa are issued for an initial period of 1 year but can be renewed for additional 1 year periods without limitation.

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